Yesterday, I happened to find my scale and told myself, really bad idea, I wonder how am i doing weight wise? So I stepped on the scale and was shocked. I haven’t been this weight since at least 2-3 years. I told myself I really have to do something about this…

Before going any further, let me introduce myself. My name is JP i am a french Canadian from the province of Quebec. I am the father of 2 beautiful kids and a splendid wife. I have decided to start this blog as a motivational tool for my road to a healthier weight, first for myself and family but also to help me with my current job. I am in no way a health specialist, dietitian or a training coach. I am not here to sell anything to any of you. I am just here writing to help keep myself motivated and hopefully motivating others. So let’s continue shall we ?

First things first, I looked for a free running app/coach to add to my smartphone really determined to start running to help losing fat. Oh yeah I forgot yesterday afternoon ( i know it’s not the best time to weight yourself but..) i was 289.2lbs. Found my fitbit couldn’t find my charger. Looked on amazon over a week for shipping, checked on several websites all of them with a long shipping time. I don’t want to wait this long for a charger. I finally found that Canadian tire had some on sale. So i went and after a 20 minutes wait to get in( social distancing required) i finally got my charger. Now the wait for the Fitbit to be fully charged, slapped it to my wrist and I was set to achieve all my daily goals I had set.

Now that everything is set let’s eat. I had dinner with the wife and kids. Then the evening routine started with bathing the kids, getting close to 7PM now I am ready for my run. Got dressed and went outside, put on my headphones, launched Nike+ Run Club on my phone and started the coach training. Started running, half way through the training distance, at 250m (yes 250m i know i need a lot of work) i had to stop and walk for a bit. I was running at the speed of 6.5 minutes per kilometre which will never break a world record but its a start. I was really disappointed, not by the current result but because I am the one who let that happened. I completed the training which was only an extra 250m of running the proceeded to walk back home. On my way back I found a bit of a second wind and decided to run another 100-150m to try and get a bit more running in me. When walking back the rest of the way home I had that blood metallic taste in my mouth. Disgusting!! Even though I wasn’t impressed by the result, I am glad I actually stepped out and started.

This morning, i weighted myself first thing in the morning and this will be my baseline to my road to 200lbs (actually I am aiming at 215lbs). So let’s put that in writing:

04/21/2020 :

Sex: Male
Weight: 286.4lbs
Height: 5’8″
BMI: I know this chart would say I am morbidly obese but a couple years ago when I actually did a real body fat % my lean mass was at 165Lbs so even at 0% body fat my BMI would put me in a obese category.

Today i start my real life change journey and I will keep updating this blog as I go. I will try to do a daily update post to keep you updated. Hope this will be motivating other people make life changing decision and embark on a road to 200 with me.